It looks like you have listed a real estate property for sale in the market and are wondering about when you will get it sold. Real estate properties do not have a specific period of time by which you can get them sold. There are a lot of factors that come into force when you are trying to sell your home or other properties. So in this article let me explain to you the common factors which may affect the sales of your house so that you can come to a conclusion about the time frame in which you will be able to sell your house.

Property location

 This is the most important factor that affects the sales of your house. If your property is in a prime location then you don’t have to worry about the sale of your property. The moment you list your property for sales on site or on any other marketplaces you will get multiple offers and you will not have any problem in selling your home.  Prime location properties get sold much quicker as there are not many sellers who are available to sell properties that are in Prime locations. Due to this, buyers rush when they see a property in a very crowded location.

 But if your property is in a less crowded or less wanted location, it may take a bit longer for you to sell the property.

Property Facilities

  A fully furnished house will sell quicker than a house with no furnishments in it.  It is common for houses with many facilities to get sold in the market much quicker than houses which don’t have any facilities in them. The most common features that buyers expect are a proper parking area, and a lawn, and also the house must have the proper sewage facilities.


 This is the most important point that will play a major role in the time period that your real estate property will sell. If you decide to sell your house at a give away price, then you may have the cash in your hand by the end of the day,  But that is not always the right idea to do. Your property sale must be profitable to you and you must come out of many financial issues using a property sale.  So take proper care when pricing your property.

Real Estate Agent

  Having a real estate agent by your side will be greatly beneficial when you want to sell your house in a short period of time. Being in the business for years they may be able to take your offer before buyers who have cash ready to make the purchase.  Real estate agents also get into an agreement with you to sell your house between 60 to 90 days.

I hope now you will have a clear idea about when you will be able to sell your house in the real estate market.