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PCAP at Media Debates


The Director of the Policy Centre for African Peoples, Ms Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell, recently represented PCAP at a series of debates on topics of interest to African communities and key stakeholders.

These include: a Panel Discussion on Women and Humour around the World on 7th March 2013 at St James Theatre, London. The debate was chaired by The Guardian journalist Viv Groskop. Sylvie’s co-panellists were Andrea Mann, comedy editor of The Huffington Post UK, designer Amisha Ghadiali, and comedian Lynn Ruth Miller.

7 March Funny Women

7 March 2020 panel discussion

Sylvie eloquently told the packed room how, in almost all sub-Saharan African villages, there were court jesters for the village chief, and storytellers, called griots in West Africa. The criteria for being a court jester were to be funny and witty. For centuries, gender was never an issue. Anyone who fulfilled the above criteria could become either a court jester or a storyteller.

On 12th April 2013, Ms Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell represented PCAP at a TV debate on the current social, political and economic situation of African countries in general, and Francophone African countries in particilar. Her co-debater was the award-winning journalist Ayo Johnson. Watch the debate

On 23rd April 2013, the Pitching Africa in the City briefing of the Policy Centre for African Peoples and Developed Africa was reported on media including BBC World Service and Vox Africa TV. Watch TV report in English and in French.